Remodeling    Residential/Exterior/Driveways

Make an impression

Your driveway is often the first thing passersby notice about your home. Make a positive first impression by investing in a driveway that functions beautifully and blends seamlessly with your home’s exterior. Whether we design a drive for your new home or renovate an existing one, trust DJ’s Painting to provide you with the perfect driveway for your sense of style and everyday use.

We start with high-quality products and proper planning. Next, we ensure that the soil on your driveway site is sound, using optimal compaction methods to provide a solid base. We create an even foundation for your new drive by adjusting the elevation and slope of the soil. Our expert site grading techniques prevent drainage problems in the warmer months and ice accumulation during the winter.

Based on an analysis of your usage and aesthetic choices, we’ll design the driveway that best suits your needs. We plan and inspect every stage of construction for maximum quality and efficiency, and use only high-quality materials and products to create a beautiful driveway.

Unusual obstacles are no problem; if your gutters are standing in the way of creating a perfect driveway, we’ll place them underground. Thoughtfully executed finish work provides the crowning touch, and a thorough final inspection ensures your complete satisfaction.

“They strive to listen to the customer and meet the needs of the customer in a very timely manner. Great customer service and follow through. Thanks to all!”

- Jim & Linda Williams